Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief


I’m a tinker I travel lots,

So I have no fixed address.

I can mend your kettles and pots,

Will they look new? Answer’s, “Yes”.


I’m a tailor I live in Wales,

Our suits are made to measure.

We’re famous for top hats and tails,

Outfits you’ll always treasure.


I’m a soldier I drive the tanks,

I’ve had many a close call.

I’ve lived in fields and on sand banks,

Hoping that one day I don’t fall.


I’m a sailor I live in Hull,

Ever since I was a boy.

My life was boring and dull,

Until I played with a ship toy.


I’m a rich man I live in Bath,

Many people work for me.

I’m on the straight and narrow path,

Always that’s where you need to be.


I’m a poor man from the East End,

Skivvy at the theatre.

Singing out loud I can pretend,

Things can only get better.


I’m a beggar man on a street,

I like to play my guitar.

Someone famous I hope to meet,

So they’ll see a real star.


I’m a thief I live in Wapping,

I take opportunities like,

Nicking other people’s shopping,

Soon I’ll hope to pinch your bike.

Copyright © Zoe Hunter June 2022