Zoe Hunter

Zoe is an up and coming British songwriter, poet and author who responsible for writing the Hattie Frail series about a psychic investigator working with the Police and her autistic hero " Clueless Clarence" ( Age 14+) plus in which autism is examined from the viewpoint of Clarence and his loved ones. The full Clueless Clarence story is now listed for you to enjoy and don't miss his sisters rant and his mothers epilogue near the end.

New - A New Hattie Story called Hidden Trophies and a stand alone play called Stargazer

Some of her works including her songs are provided free of charge for you to enjoy.

Come back soon as more are regularly added..

Videos - Link to our you tube channel

Meet Hattie Frail - A 2 minute video ( Age 14+) introducing you to Hattie and her first crime adventure - New Beginnings


All stories and plays marked as pdf downloads will open a pdf file on your computer, tablet or mobile and will require a pdf app to enjoy

Clueless Clarence- The full story plus Epilogue (5th Edition)-Age 14+-pdf format

The Moon Crystal - A short fantasy story 9+pdf format

Golf Widows - A short funny story set in Leinster, Dublin pdf format

Hidden Trophies - The latest adventure for Hattie Frail Age 14+pdf format

Missing - A missing painting and then a missing woman. Are they linked? - Hattie Frail investigates ( Age 14+)pdf format

New Beginnings - A Hattie Frail story pdf format

Stargazer - A play set around a stage show examining control in pdf format Age 14+

The girl next door but one - A musical that is a good old-fashioned love story set in 1983 around three terraced houses in a fictitional south London street Age 12+ pdf format Get Into Line, ‘Everybody Gets the Blues Sometimes’,’ It’s Christmas Eve’, and ‘ Blues, I Need My Baby Back’ have music, the others need the soundtrack added. - contact Zoe for more details.

Whatever it takes- A musical 14+- set in a fictitional Cornwall town from Oct 1905 to Jan 1921. PDF format This includes some songs which artists are welcome to perform - Stagestruck has music but the others need the soundtrack added. - contact Zoe for more details.

Sophia's Giant Rant! - A short story about Clueless Clarence (revised version) Age 14+ pdf format

The Sleeper - A sleeping man with an ancient manuscript sparks an adventure to span the ages (scifi/spy novella) Age 16+ pdf format

Zoe's Chosen Days from Clueless Clarence - a choice of diary entries from Clarence pdf format

Zoe’s Historical & Responses to 12 Chosen Dates from Clueless Clarence - an autistic response to history


Song Lyrics by Leslie Roberts

Enjoy - a song by Leslie Roberts

An Ordinary Guy - The ordinary guy needs a girl who will accept him as he is

Rock On - The last song that Leslie Roberts wrote before he passed away

The Sea is Red - Lyrics and mp3 download for the first song that Leslie Roberts wrote as his personal anthem for World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April. Message from Zoe -Singers can use this track to highlight autism and then share it on social media.

Tunes by Zoe Hunter that are mentioned in the Clueless Clarence stories as written by Clarence

Songs in MP3 downloads

A Brother's Love - opens

Tipsy Jazz


A Smuggler's Tale

Firework Night

First Rainbow

The First Fall of Snow

The Queen's Jubilees

Temper Tantrums on Halloween

Tinker, Tailor, Rich Man, Beggarman, Thief

Zoe’s 12 ‘Parent and Toddler’ Poems from Chapter 5 ‘Scrapbook’ Clueless Clarence


Christmas Stories

A Christmas Eve to Forget - Christmas Eve brings another case for Hattie Frail to solve in pdf format

Christmas Poems

Santa Claus

New Year's Eve

The Pantomime

All works are the copyright of Zoe Hunter and as such approval is given for you to read and enjoy but not to redistribute, print or make any other use without specific approval of the author.